Thursday, February 5, 2009

House/Apartment Search

Went to the OB yesterday... all is well :) After I went by the hospital and chatted with a few old coworkers while waiting for Matt to get off work, then we went driving around to see if we could find any houses for rent or sale in one of the neighborhoods I like. We found a cute little house for rent that we are seriously thinking about. It is 2BR/1BTH, all wood floors, gas fireplace... the only thing we didn't love was the interior painting... every room was hand painted with some kind of theme/mural... don't get me wrong the paintings were nice... just not our style... but a few well placed prints/mirrors/paintings should for the most part take care of that. The only real thing that bugs me is that I can't remember if I saw a dishwasher in the kitchen... the past 2 places we have lived have not had dishwashers and I know now I am not a good enough housekeeper to not have a dishwasher lol. Anywho there were also quite a few houses for sale in that area that we plan to check out so I will keep you posted on what we find :)

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