Monday, January 26, 2009


I look huge in this pic lol

32 weeks.

Nikita was complaining that it had almost been a whole month since the last pic I took so there is the new one.
Been trying to get things ready for my baby shower that wonderful Linda and Nycole are hosting for me... I have registered at both Wal-Mart and Target online. Still need to go over to the stores themselves and see if I can add stuff that isn't on the sites cause Target only lets you add 'online only' stuff. My mom bought me this! She is awesome :)
Sleeping is getting harder and harder. I have really bad indigestion at night that no acid reducer can stop and my back hurts pretty much all the time. I feel bad for Matt cause he wants me to sleep in our room with him but then I toss and turn or my chest/stomach/throat make loud, funny noises. I have told him several times that I will just sleep on the couch so he can get better sleep since he has to get up in the mornings but he just gets all sad and cute. So I guess I will just wait till he can't take it anymore and kicks me out lol

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Me <3 fat belly.